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The Online Learning Platform to Facilitate Students All Over Singapore in Their Learning Process

The Singapore Student Learning Space is trying to take the use of online learning platform to the next level. It was in 2013 that Heng Swee Keat, the then Education Minister announced about this program where the students will learn at their own pace and all students will have a level playing field. It has already been piloted in 62 different primary and secondary schools and now they are confident enough of rolling out in all schools from the next academic year.

online learning platform

This resource-rich online platform will help the students to learn at their own pace. As the same resources will be available throughout, all students will have access to these quality resources. The teachers will have the option to share the best practices through this portal and then work in collaboration with the colleagues working at various schools.

This move got mixed reactions from the parents. Some feel that this will result in students consciously or unconsciously reducing their time on social media and utilizing it for online learning. The others are of the opinion that they will end up spending more time on gadgets. A data by DQ Institute and Nanyang Technological University tells that as of now 12 and 9-year-olds spend nearly 46 hours and 24 hours a week respectively glued to a screen. 

The Ministry of Education (MOE), however, feels that this move will benefit the students by giving a level playing field to all regardless of the school. They are determined to leverage IT to aid the learning process.

5 Resourceful Tips That Can Make Catering Business a Successful One!

The catering business is a whole new world altogether, which demands a combination of great knowledge about food and people’s skills along with marketing sense to succeed. Success doesn’t depend on any sort of magic recipe – it takes hard work, honesty, humility and also the ability to evaluate one-self. And, if in case you fail to view your catering business objective, then you will also fail to understand the areas, which need improvement too. So, here are 5 secrets to ensuring success of your catering business.

Try and Be Humble

The first thing that every person in business should admit is that you always don’t know everything. This is the major secret for any sort of business and also the hardest obstacle to overcome for some people in any line of business. And, the sooner you admit this, sooner you will see skilled people around you as strength and in return your business will benefit.

Be Specific

Be very specific about your needs, while you hire your staff. Never forget that every person you hire is somehow going to represent your company in the outside market. And, if that person fails, you can be sure that your business is going to suffer too. It might be a little pricey to hire qualified people and competent professionals but in the longer run, it will totally be worth it. Make sure that you hire capable and intelligent people who might add strengths to your company by letting it grow bigger.

Act Professional

There are many points that can be included here. However, the major criterion of building good reputation is to do things exactly the way you promised your clients. Also make sure to be early with your work as there is nothing more painful than worrying about the arrival of the caterer. Also, never be too greedy and book several events at the same time that all the things fall out of places. This will not just disturb your business but it will also drive you insane with the increasing stress.

Network Is Crucial

Most of the people in the catering business and restaurants are good and at some point in your life, you will be working with them. Hence, it is important to build good relationships with them and this can be done by scheduling few networking sessions so that everyone in this business line gets to know each other. They might be your competitors but what you must not forget is that they are your peers too.

Web Presence Is Highly Needed

Today’s world is quite a mobile place and most people look for providers through internet as it is considered the most convenient place to look for things you need. And if your name doesn’t fall in the circle, then it is surely not going to be chosen over others. If you want a catering business, which is ranked high then find a provider who will do the work for you and also provide the quality content you want.

If you are looking for good French restaurants that are great in catering business, you can consider Le Bouchon restaurant Sherbrooke. They are good in the food they provide and also extended services. To know more about them, you can visit

15 Low Cost Business Ideas

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit in you, there is no looking back. Despite all of the high-tech start-ups or big ventures that need huge funding, there are still plenty of small business options out there. These businesses neither require you to know the difference between CSS and QR codes nor do they need huge investments. All you need is a passion for doing something worthwhile and you are good to go.

Let’s have a look at 15 low cost business ideas.

#1 Graphic Designer: If you like working on your own and are a creative soul then freelance graphic design can be a great way to make a living for you. With e-commerce on an upswing, demand for graphic designers is on a rise.

#2 Coders: If you are the kind of person who has all the patience in the world to be meticulous and is detail-oriented then this is the career for you. It is a niche skillset, which has high demand.

#3 Online Retail Consigners: This is an interesting thing to do. Often we get bored with our clothes or there are other unused things like toys, accessories, books etc. Online consignment offers you a great opportunity to make money, selling them through a completely virtual process instead of trashing them.

#4 Instagram Consultants: Online marketing is the new traditional marketing now and many businesses are using Instagram to promote their products and services. If you have a flair for such thing, some basic marketing knowledge and a smartphone with a good digital camera, this is the right field for you.

#5 Writers: A good command over the language, focused, organised and able to go with the flow is a recipe for a good writer. All you need besides your motivation is a bit of networking to get projects. If you already have a good command over the language, just look out for some content writing tips from the professionals

#6 Landscape Photographers: If you love photography and have access to high-quality digital camera, opportunities are enormous for you. You can click for websites, you can sell your prints to whosoever is interested and also if you want you can start classes for other aspiring photographers.

#7 Business and Life Counsellor: If you have great listening skills, calm demeanour and empathise with people, then you can be a business and life counsellor. If you think you have that ability to internalise events, closely listen to others and make them feel great, then this is an apt low cost business for you.

#8 Online Blogger: Another lucrative low-cost business opportunity for people who love writing, editing, copywriting and marketing! All you need to do is create content that keeps readers engaged and meet your client’s goal.

#9 College Application Advisors: In this era, when children fill numerous forms to get a good college, being a college application advisor is a good option. Helping students explore educational options, having a list of colleges, their admission pre-requisites, helping them narrow down their options and finally helping them to get through the application process is what you need to do.

#10 Online Tutors: People have been giving classes since long, but creating your own online tutoring business is a great way where you can earn sitting at home. You have the option of working flexible hours. Follow this link for a guide to start online tutoring.

#11 Dog Walking Service: In cities, people love to have dogs, but normally they are hard pressed for time. If you love hanging out with dogs, you can offer your services as a dog walker. As it is a localised service, you need to put some flyers initially and later it will work by word of mouth.

#12 Video Conference and Board Room Facilities: What if you have space, a bit of capital and expertise? You can convert your space into board room or video conference facility. There are many SMEs that need this facility, but making one of their own is not feasible for them. You can earn substantially by hiring your facility to such enterprises.

#13 Dietary Consultancy Services: People are generally worried about what they should eat and are always ready to spend bucks if someone can guide them on it. If you are healthy yourself and have a fair knowledge about eating habits and diet charts then you can plan to start dietary consultancy service.

#14 Babysitting: With the continuous rise in the population of working women, a business of baby-keeping in any big city is bound to flourish.

#15 Home Cooked Meals: If you love cooking, you can prepare meals for clients and get them delivered. They will be happy to get home cooked meals.

There is no dearth of ideas. All you need is the zeal to be an entrepreneur and you will definitely get something that suits your calibre. Even if you start small and do it with passion, you will always find means and ways to make it big.  

6 Fantastic Tips to Write a Killer Resume

Going through several resumes is a tedious process, finger shredding, and mind numbing work for the recruiters. So, it’s important that you, as a candidate, spend a good deal of time and efforts on writing a killer resume that doesn’t fail to attract the attention of the recruiters.

But, even after spending lots of time for finding the right kind of resume, and then creating one based on similar lines, if you fail to impress the recruiters, then it can be utter waste of all your time.

There are many tricks for writing your resume for getting employed in a good and esteemed organization. You do not need a writer to write a resume that can get noticed; just follow these 6 simple tips, and rest assured that your CV will stand out of even thousands of CVs submitted to a recruitment agency.

Be Organized

  • Stop stressing, and splitting hairs over your resume writing for several hours. Just be organized by taking a chill pill. Putting words on your papers does require little attention after all. But, if you find a job, then you need to write a good job description according to that specific requirement. It is impossible for you to tailor accomplishments and skills to suit employer’s job needs, but you must keep it relevant.
  • Research the employer’s expectations and little research will help you in addressing the company needs. Knowing the company needs for hiring a position is the key to success. You need to match the employer’s job requirements, and your resume is bound to stand out if you succeed to you frame it accordingly.

Be Clear and Succinct

Prospective employers scan only resumes. They can conclude if it’s a “yes” or “no” within a few seconds after reading the CV. In order to get shortlisted among thousands of resumes, you need to follow few concise tips mentioned here –

  • Use bulleted points to highlight your strengths and core skills
  • Write short sentences,
  • Use action verbs as well as active voice, and
  • Avoid reiterating the same thing over and again

Action verbs offer strength to your resume, direction, and power, and help it stand out.

Use Quantitative Figures

Employers like numerical figures. Make use of statistics to highlight your career achievements. However, you need to be specific to the point, and refrain from going off-topic.

Use White Spaces Generously But Don’t Overuse Them

No one is interested to see the cluttered mess. If you want to get shortlisted and face the interview, make your resume readable with enough white spaces. You can remove the experiences, jobs, and skills, which don’t match the job requirements of employer. However, don’t leave too many lines between the points, otherwise usage of excessive whitespaces can actually work against you.

Size Matters the Most

Keep your resume short and concise. When a hiring manager doesn’t like the first page, he/she won’t have any intentions of even looking at the subsequent pages. But, in an attempt to put too much on the same page, shrinking the font size below 10 can make your CV unreadable. Additionally, don’t keep your CV lengthier than 3 pages.

Use Right Format

You need to follow three basic formats: Functional, Chronological, and Combination. If you have large work gap in your history, and been employed in many organizations, you can follow the combination type of resume format download to make your resume look more effective.

So, follow these 6 tips to create a killer resume, and employers are bound to contact you soon after they come across your profile.

How Social Media Can Help Your Business to Grow?

At the dawn of the digital age we are living in today, it’s mandatory to harness the power of social media if you want to see the growth of your business. A carefully devised and managed social media campaign can bring along with it a plethora of new opportunities. Maintaining a strong presence on the social media network is not an easy task – in fact, it needs a plenty of work and efforts.

Once you’ve embraced the right social networking platform and social media marketing strategies, the payoff your business gets to experience down the lane is simply incredible. If you are wondering how social media can help your business to grow, here’s what you need to do to reap the benefits.   

Reach Out to the Right Audience

It’s not easy for every business to reach out to everyone. However, this is achievable to some extent through social media – at least to reach out to the right set of audience.  Once you accomplish this and reach your target audience to engage with through social media, it can work wonders for your business. Unique social media channels like Pinterest and Snapchat are highly effective in reaching out to a particular group – it’s more manageable than ever before.

At the same time, it’s important to share updates that are adapted to your target audience. Such social media strategies are absolutely invaluable. If you closely watch the strategies of some of the businesses that have been successful on social media, you’ll realize that they would uncover plenty of customers they were earlier not aware of simply by joining a conversation on a social media channel. That’s really powerful!

Run Promotions to Gain New and Returning Customers

Social media promotions are a great way to attract new users as well as returning customers. Provide a new outlet for sales, deals and its likes. When you offer such promotions exclusively for your social media followers, you can gain a lot of traffic and this in turn creates a buzz word around your business or brand.

In the recent years, almost everyone is active on one or the other social networking platform. So, you just have to attract them with freebies through promotions. The best part is that both the parties benefit from promotions. The new follower or returning customer gets the freebies, while your business generates more followers, which is indirectly crucial for further growth of the business.

Check out some of the successful Facebook contests and promotions in this HootSuite article.

Learn More about Your Audience

Most businesses overlook this particular aspect of social media benefit. When you start using social media for your business growth, you get to learn more about your audience. And this understanding in turn lets your customer base to grow because you can now customize your marketing efforts and work based on your understanding to satisfy them.

Many of the key social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook let you to access metrics and information about those who visit the pages. Such insights help businesses to know where the audience is located in the world, the language they speak, their gender and age. You can then consider all these aspects while devising strategies for future product offers and marketing campaigns. In a nutshell, learning more about your audience indirectly helps your business to grow incredibly.

Enhance Customer Service

Good customer service is the key for any business to grow and social media is a great platform to enhance customer service, which in turn helps businesses grow. For any business, offering stellar customer service is of topmost priority. In addition to the 2-way communication provided by social media, it also gives a unique chance to improve customer service and offer immediate gratification to the target audience.

This will also let you to show to what extent you care about offering a memorable experience and will make sure that customer inquiries don’t go unnoticed. Businesses can drive their results by constantly monitoring social networks for customer feedback and giving them instant responses.

Offering customer support service through social networks is quickly turning out to be an expectation of most of the customers. If your customers are trying to find your business on Twitter or Facebook and not finding it, you may be missing out the chance to win new customers. So, it’s high time that you create a strong presence for your business on social media if you are not on it already – it doesn’t cost you a dime to kick-start your social media campaign.

This is what the power of social media is and how it can help your business to grow. Read this article to realize the power of social media if you still don’t understand how effective this platform is. This is just a small percentage of what this strong network can help your business achieve, while there’s much more that it can do practically. So, get off the bench and join the huge network and other businesses that are already growing their presence through social media.

Facebook and AdBlock Companies

Digital advertisements keep popping up online so often and ubiquitously that several tech-savvy users are making use of ad-blocking software to prevent these ads. Such programs have been a boon to them to stop the annoying ads, but hereon it’s not likely to be that easy for Facebook users to stop the advertisements from showing up on their desktop FB website. The social networking giant has worked a way around and come up with a smart way for blocking the ad blockers.

The New Changes to Facebook Ad Preferences Controls

Recently, Facebook rolled out its forthcoming changes to ad preference controls and among these latest changes is a decision to deactivate the popular ad-blocking program Ad-Blocker that is used to get rid of the online ads. As per this change, the social networking company has turned on a switch on its desktop site, which basically renders ad blockers. So, even users with ad-blocking program installed and running on their systems will get to see ads on Facebook.

Further, the Silicon Valley Company also revealed that its ad preferences tools will be updated to make things easier for users to customize the kind of ads that they get to see on the website.

Debate about Ad Blocking Ethics

The recent move by Facebook has given rise to a furious debate about the ad blocking ethics. On one side of the coin, too many digital advertisements are annoying as they slow down the web pages’ loading times and have a negative impact on the overall online experience. On the other side, they serve as the foundation of business for many digital publishers to offer content to the readers.  

Read on to find out what the affirmative and negative teams have to say about Facebook’s move.

What the Affirmative Team Has to Say?

Facebook, of course, is the main participant of the affirmative team. Talking on behalf of the company, Facebook’s Vice President Andrew Bosworth stated that disruptive advertisements are an industry issue and the increase of ad-blocking programs is a very strong indication that users don’t wish to see ads. However, he feels that ad blocker is a bad solution to the problem.

Facebook is not alone on its side. In fact, there are many digital publishers like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times that consider ad blockers to be a huge threat to their advertising revenue. Around 200 million users globally employ ad blockers on their desktop PCs, as per estimates from the anti-ad-blocking start-up PageFair. There are many users who use ad blockers on their portable gadgets like tablets and smartphones also.

Many other digital publishers like Forbes, The Times and Wired have also started experimenting new techniques with the sole aim of anti-ad-blocking. Such publishers argue that users need to understand that the journalism that they enjoy online costs money, which has to be paid for – and advertising is a crucial aspect of this revenue.

Facebook also supports this claim admitting that ad blocking software is bad for publications that get robbed of almost 50% of the value exchange between publishers and users. However, the social networking giant also feels that instead of blocking all advertisements, a way has to be discovered to serve relevant ads to the users.

What the Opposing Team Has to Say?

When ads are well-made and relevant, they can be useful in helping users find out more about new products and services, while also introducing them to new experiences. However, advertisements don’t work that way, which is why many users try to find ways to use ad-blockers to avoid them.

On the opposing side of the debate is the ad blocking companies reacting furiously to the action taken by Facebook, which they believe will soon by incorporated by many other major websites as well.  

Adblock Plus calls this move of Facebook to be anti-user, stating that it’s following a dark way against the choices of users. It posted a question to Facebook asking why users are being stopped from making a decision on what they can block and what they can’t. Nonetheless, Adblock Plus doesn’t consider this as a cause to panic because such cat-and-mouse chasing games aren’t new to the tech industry.

Adblock Plus considers that Facebook’s view is ironical taking into account that the social media company acknowledges that users are justified to block ads, but still denies giving them the rights to do so.

The response from Adblock Plus has stirred across a blend of mixed responses among the Facebook community. If we’ve to judge based on the user comments to the post, several of them will try to find a way around to continue with blocking advertisements. Some of them are even ready to go to the extent of ceasing Facebook usage, while some others regard it to be quite reasonable to come across some ads in exchange for the free service they use.

The Verdict

Facebook’s move towards its anti-ad-blocking campaign has received mixed reactions, but still the Silicon Valley Company revealed that the new updates to its ad control and format options would supposedly eradicate the need to block ads. On a closing note, the social media firm says that it’s placing control in the hands of users with its updated ad preferences and other ad controls so that they can personalize their requirements and be served with relevant ads.

Facebook’s ad controls, performance and formats are claimed to have been designed to address the fundamental reasons users have opted for ad blocking. With more powerful controls, Facebook says, there would be no need to look for ad blocking programs.

We’ll have to wait to see if Facebook’s move to disable ad blockers on its website turns out to be in favour of users or against them – after all, it’s the vast user base that has helped the social networking company attain the popularity it has gained today. What’s your perspective on Facebook’s decision? Share your views in the comments section below.

Online Computer Training Classes for Microsoft Excel

These days, online classrooms are becoming very successful in almost all fields. Worldwide online tutors are becoming famous and the advantage of such trainings is that even a student from a remote area can get the benefit of world-class classrooms. The only thing one needs is a computer and an Internet connection. Almost all courses from K.G level to P.G level are being taught online today.

With this becoming more and more popular, every student or client is now able to get the advantage of being taught by the best possible teachers sitting at home or office only. Computer training for several tools are among the most famous ones. Skilled and learned professionals take the class.

For training excel, one should have a detailed knowledge about the subject itself first. Then, one needs to draw a synopsis of the course to be taught to the students who are willing to get training. The computer classes for training excel can be divided into stages if not in one full go. The excel course of intermediate level can be designed in the following manner.

  1. How to Calculate the Given Data Using Advanced Formulas in Excel Can Make One Category: Under this, minimum four levels can be created as the first to be managing cell and the range names. The second one will be how to use specialized functions in Excel followed by the guidance about how to calculate different data across the worksheets and then comes the ways to analyze those data using logical functions and lookup functions.
  2. How to Organize the Worksheet and Table Data Can Be the Second Module: Under this again, four levels can be made. The first one will be how to create and to modify the tables. The next will be to teach about formatting tables. Another task under this category would be to sort or how to filter the “worksheet” or “table data” and how to calculate data in a worksheet or table in Excel.
  3. How to Present Data by Taking Help from the Charts in Excel: This may include three levels for learning. The first one is to create or make a chart using tools in Excel and then modify them using different options available and lastly how to format charts.
  4. How to Analyze Data by Using Pivot Charts and PivotTables: This may be divided again into several steps like creating a PivotTable report and analyzing data by using PivotCharts.
  5. How to Insert Objects or Graphic Objects: This will include inserting and modifying different ClipArt and pictures, drawing and modifying shapes, illustrating workflow by using SmartArt and also how to layer and group the graphic objects.
  6. How to Customize and Enhance Workbooks and Excel Environment: This may include teachings about managing themes, creating and using templates.

The teachers try to focus on training the students to be ready for online working environment through satellite classes. They provide training at the office, conference room, and home or any other location for your convenience. All the sessions can be catered depending on the particular needs.